The Best Parts of LightRift – Easy to Setup

Best parts of LightRift v2

As we have mentioned in the past, LightRift was built from the ground up, we provide a simple to setup, simple to deploy and simple to operate environment.  With today’s advanced lighting fixtures, such as LED’s, we have chosen functions and features carefully and removed outdated items to gain better control over the entire environment.  We started this project to support people and groups in our community that may not have huge technical backgrounds but want to provide the very best to their audiences.  We want to bring you Closer to the Show.

In this series of blog posts “The Best Parts of LightRift”, we will take a look at the coolest features in the application, as well as, the new features we think you will love.

The LightRift application in easy to setup.  We visited our friends at Adagio Ballet and Dance the other day to change out their existing control application to LightRift.  Adagio has a fairly new black box performance space used for showcases, rehearsals and smaller shows.  This space is mostly run by the teachers at the school, so the control solution had to be solid and intuitive.  Their LED lighting system is fairly small but effective for the space, after building the device profiles setting up the application took less than seven minutes.

Check out this video showing the patching and mapping of the lighting system to a point ready for control, writing cues, and recording shortcuts.

Try it out for yourself, sign up today, you will love it!

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