Welcome to LightRift

Welcome to Light Rift

Its been a long time in the making but we are finally here.  LightRift is a web based control software for lighting and sound cues. We have build LightRift from the ground up to control the next generation technology in intuitive ways. Gone are the days of fumbling with faders and old control technology, trying to make it fit and work for you.  Drag and drop controls where you want them, arranged for how you think, control LED lights and play sound cues right from your web browser anywhere on the network. How many times have you forgot to set the grand master to full or had it all the way down (hours of fun trying to figure that one out), well we got rid of it all together.  We put you “Closer to the Show” than ever before.


There is a massive amount of control protocols out today in the entertainment industry and just as many outside it for a lot of the some things.  We believe Ethernet is the most flexible medium for control.  Ethernet is everywhere, our homes, stores, coffee shops and all places in between.  Everything is connecting to it too, I can’t wait for my refrigerator to feed bread into the toaster so I can make toast from anywhere on the planet, yum.  Maybe a bit extreme but it is happening, we have built the backbone of LightRift around Ethernet to open the possibilities to control everything from anywhere (eventually).  We started with ARTNET (a DMX over Ethernet control protocol) but have plans to grow into all sorts of Ethernet based controls.


How things are visualized between two people is different, so we created a visual way to interact with the entire system.  Our map screen allows you to place devices, triggers, shortcuts and groups where you want and navigate them visually. Build multiple maps and organize them into groups or make a smiley face with the icons, what ever you want.  You will spend a lot of time in this screen so have fun.

Community Focus

In the coming weeks, months and years we hope to support the community through this blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ posts with useful information and guidance.  Topics we think you will find interesting from basic maintenance to in-depth discussions with how-to’s, lessons learned and insider knowledge.  We encourage our users and everyone for that matter to be active with each other discussing every part of this crazy industry we work in.  We are developing new tools that will bring our community closer than ever before.  We are excited to see what happens, we hope you will too.

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