Device Management

Create DMX devices with drag and drop profile creation tools and share with others in the LightRift community. Device profiles instantly sync across the globe, enabling real-time collaboration and support. Versatile fixture profiles let you control any parameter as needed and organize your devices in any feasible configuration.



Control Parameters
You have several controls to choose from, all designed to connect with you.

Control Organization

Drag and drop controls onto the screen where you want them. Get creative, put controls into separate tabs to further organize them. Place all your commonly used controls on one screen then make it the default, no need to fumble through controls you will almost never need.

DMX Channel Allocation

As you create or modify your devices by adding controls, DMX allocation is done once. Drop your control then add the DMX channel, we keep track of what channels get used so you don’t accidentally fat finger it, our solution for keeping your hair. That’s it, then simply save your awesome new device. Now you can patch this device and share it with the world.

Have 2 minutes to spare? Why not play around with Lightrift. Trust Us, you will love it.