Device Control

When it comes to controlling your lighting fixtures and devices, using visuals is the key to keeping you connected with your project and closer to the show. In real-time you can choose one or multiple devices to control or create a group to use in the future. Really like the look you just made, want to recall that every time the pink elephant comes on stage, create a shortcut.



Real-time Control

Open up one device, multiple devices or a group of devices to change the settings and control in real-time. Change the color, make it brighter, move it around or do what you have always wanted to do, create that 70’s disco strobe effect. Go for it, simply select and control


When you use the same fixtures and devices, constantly selecting them one by one will drive you crazy. You can create a group, group that set of wash lights together that changes between every scene. One click allows you to select and control them all at the same time. Make a group for the general areas you have on stage, create an active “magic sheet”. Make as many groups as you want and arrange them in any way you want. Viola!


Really like that red wash you just created or you came up with the perfect rock star lighting? Save it as a shortcut, execute it with one click. For added coolness you can give it a fade in time so you can get a predictable crossfade between looks. Put these on the map where you want and run them on the fly. This is particularly useful when you have no time for a cue list and someone is yelling at you.

Have 2 minutes to spare? Why not play around with Lightrift. Trust Us, you will love it.