Cue Lists

Make all the hard work worth it and repeatable night after night with a cue list. Program your show once and watch it come to life night after night. Since we like to get personal, you can give each cue a name (along with a number) and write a short note about it (I love you Cue, you are my favorite!!). The interface is simple but powerful and can be made full screen or opened in another window.



The Basics

All the necessary cue setting are at your fingertips. Timing is everything for a cue, you can change fade up, fade out, and hold times with just a click or two. Cues can run in any order you want by simply changing what cue comes next. Forgot a cue, don’t worry it happens to all of us, you can use as many fractional cues as you need.


Manual and auto-follow are the standard triggers, so you can interact with the cue or have a cue interact with a cue, whoa. You should be able to trigger cues and shortcuts from anywhere too, so with every release, you will gain a new way to interact and get closer to the show. You can also navigate the cue list using the transport buttons on the screen, play, stop, next previous and pause are all available at the click of your mouse from the main screen.

Have 2 minutes to spare? Why not play around with Lightrift. Trust Us, you will love it.