We think control should be intuitive, intelligent and easy to use. LightRift was born out of the idea for something better, something that would allow us to be more creative. With all the existing tools we felt disconnected from the process, fighting with the features more than designing the show. With the popularity of LED lighting and digital audio in the last several years, finding ways to connect and control usually meant compromising somewhere along the line.

Our extensive experience in all areas of the industry gives us a unique perspective on connectivity and control. Light and sound are just the start, we want to connect everything in a meaningful way. Not just the technology, but the people that use that technology. We want to grow relationships across the board and across the globe to strengthen our community as a whole.

There is one goal, a great performance, we bring you closer to the show.

Have 2 minutes to spare? Why not play around with Lightrift. Trust Us, you will love it.